What is MINEQL+?
MINEQL+ gets its power from two sources: First, its numerical engine is a modified version of the original MINEQL developed at MIT in the mid 1970's. This numerical approach has become the standard for many other chemical equilibrium models. Second, MINEQL+ uses a thermodynamic database that contains the entire USEPA MINTEQA2 database plus data for chemical components that the EPA did not include, so all calculations will produce results compatible with EPA specifications. MINEQL+ is easy because it provides a standard Windows user interface coupled with the powerful tools listed below. MINEQL+ is an intuitive and state-of-the-art modeling system.
MINEQL+ is a powerful and easy-to-use chemical equilibrium modeling system that can be used to perform calculations on low temperature (0-50oC), low to moderate ionic strength (<0.5 M) aqueous systems. MINEQL+ is a data driven program, so you do NO programming. In the simplest scenario, you create systems by selecting chemical components from a menu, scan the thermodynamic database and run the calculation. However, MINEQL+ also provides tools to allow you to take control of your reaction data, create a personal thermodynamic database, perform synthetic titrations and automatically process mutiple samples (such as field data).

This program was orignally designed to be a research tool but it is currently used in over 500 colleges and universities worldwide as an aid in teaching aquatic chemistry.

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